What is Jewelry Maker's Mindset?

JMM is a 6-month interactive online goal setting and mastermind program. 

Low risk, big impact. Level up your creative practice. Next session is February – July 2022.

Use your creative powers to design a more enjoyable, less stressful, extra productive art practice. Access the collective wisdom of others on the same creative path. Small group discussion pods for goal setting, motivation, accountability, results. We meet monthly online and have a private forum for weekly updates and check in.

Gain control of your business through setting realistic, achievable goals. Use this time to plan your next collection, schedule things like photography, production help, vacation (!). Be on track for your next show season. Benefit from the support of a small likeminded group who know first hand what this means.

JMM is a Jewelry Club program. We believe everyone has an instinctive knowledge of design and by practicing awareness can achieve an authentic, unique, identifiable design voice. This confidence allows our members to be open, sharing and caring in a non-competitive environment.


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JMM meets on Thursday. See calendar for dates.

session moderator

Hi, I’m Judy Parady, a lifelong metalsmith and jewelry maker, teacher, and the founder of Jewelry Club. Having taught jewelry making for over 15 years, I’ve seen the reluctance many students have towards learning about design. And I understand! Why would you sketch and make models when you could play with fire?! But to grow as an artist, to get the most satisfaction from your creative practice, we need design awareness as much as we need technical skills. I believe we all have an innate ability to recognize beauty and respond to good design. This intuition can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Because we are born with it, often all it takes is to open our awareness of design to make huge leaps in the quality of our work. But since it comes as “standard equipment”, we can often take it for granted and never fully appreciate the need to nurture it. To learn the magical craft of metalsmithing and create your best work requires both technical training and design awakening. Through the Applied Design program of Jewelry Club, I guide your recognition of design principles giving you conscious control over what had been haphazard and subconscious application of the intuitive. With this program, I teach design by directing your attention to what is all around us. I come to this moment with a BVA in Jewelry Design and Silversmith, an MFA in sculpture, and a lifetime of working in the trade, selling my jewelry wholesale and direct, and teaching others. I’ve learned to value the lineage of metalsmithing and the importance of jewelry wearing to human culture. Jewelry Club takes a holistic approach to learning by including aspects of the larger world of jewelry so that you too will understand your place in this family and value the results.

Judy Parady

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